Osgood as Gone – Cooper S. Beckett

Once, Osgood and Frost were the up-and-coming stars of the burgeoning paranormal investigation TV show craze before a hoax put an end to their friendship, partnership, and television careers. Now, over a decade later, Prudence Osgood is a barely-functioning alcoholic ghosthunter for hire. Her yearning for mystery and adventure is reignited when she receives a cryptic, untraceable email. She can’t resist embarking on an investigation that tugs threads winding through a sinister series of disappearances, her former partner’s family, and a night twenty years ago when a semi blew a yellow light and nearly killed her.

“…I have a new novel coming out about a queer female ghost hunter, done in the style of pulp detective novels meets cosmic horror. would you have any interest…”



That’s a snippet of the message I got from Cooper S. Beckett asking if I’d like to review his new book, Osgood as Gone. Between that description & the late-80’s/early-90’s Christopher Pike vibe to the cover, I was sold!

This is the story of Prudence Osgood. Prior to the events of this book, she co-hosted a ghost hunting show with her best friend, Audrey. And it ended in spectacularly bad fashion. The show & the friendship. She’s since moved on to podcasting, ghost hunting with her new partner, Zack, and drinking way too much in an attempt to chase away her personal demons, as well as cope with the chronic pain she lives with after a very traumatic (and weird) car accident.

Things get weird right away, with Osgood receiving a seemingly indecipherable & disturbing email. Fortunately, Zack is a technological wizard, so the two of them get cracking. The mystery that follows is truly bonkers, bringing into play tragic events from Osgood & Audrey’s past, as well as cryptic lyrics & imagery from an enigmatic 80’s band. Yeah, shit gets way weird.

Osgood as Gone just fucking delighted me, time & time again. Osgood is a character that reminded me of some of my favorite protagonists in more than a few ways, while still being a wholly original creation. The intense hard drinking, snarkiness, and self-loathing certainly reminded me a bit of Miriam Black & Jessica Jones!

This book touches on some super heavy themes…life & loss & grief & love & addiction & depression & trauma…there’s a lot going on with these characters, particularly Osgood & Audrey. Their broken relationship is at the heart of the book, and definitely had me feeling a bit choked up more than a few times.

Osgood as Gone is the just-right amount of camp, backed up by strong characterizations & a real sense of threat. I enjoyed this one start to finish, and I can’t wait for the next installment in the Spectral Inspector series!!

Big thank you to Cooper S. Beckett for sending me a copy!!

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